Several studies show that employees with a Global Mindset are in high demand but in rare supply. Developing such a mindset does not happen over night. Through several techniques, tools and strategies will help you shift your mindset to become a cosmopolitan and global citizen.




Stephen Covey 

What a Global Mindset is…

A global mindset is what candidates need to be successful in a global role in which they will need to be capable of adjusting to different environments and have the ability to work effectively with international colleagues.

Harvard Business Review

A Global Mindset is one that combines an openness to and awareness of diversity across cultures and markets with a propensity and ability to synthesize across this diversity.

Dr. V. Govindarajan & Dr. A.K. Gupta

A global Mindset means that we scan the world from a broad perspective, always looking for unexpected trends and opportunities.

Dr. Stephen Rhinesmith

the ability to step outside one’s base culture and to understand there is no universally correct way to do things. 

Dr. Gary Ranker 

A set of individual qualities and attributes that help a manager influence individuals, groups, and organizations from other parts of the world.

Dr. Mansour Javidan

Leaders who embody the mindset of a global citizen are able to think globally, lead a team of diverse and distributed employees, spread ideas and messages across the globe, and find and attract the best talent regardless of where they might be.

Jacob Morgan

Cultural Skills


– knowledge of one’s own and other’s culture

– ability to integrate, synthesize and leverage diversity

– knowledge of international socio-political and economic issues

– understanding of how culture impacts management’s decisions

– knowledge of different value systems, institutional environments, historical influences and geopolitical issues

Cognitive Skills


– ability to explain complex points simply & clearly

– analytical and critical thinking

– polarity thinking

– creativity and imagination

– ability to “think globally” and “act locally”

– understanding biases

– ability to seek relevant information

– learning Agility

Emotional/ Personal Skills


Self- Awareness:

– understanding own emotions and triggers

– understanding own strengths

Self- Mastery:

– self control and regulation

– resilience

– self-confidence

– optimism

– adaptability

Social Skills


Cross-Cultural Interpersonal Skills:

– communicating

– building relationships

– teamwork: empowering, motivating, coaching…

Global & Cross-Cultural Leadership Skills:

– boundary spanning

– inclusive


– situational

How You Can Develop it