Mission & Values

Our mission:

Linking international workforce mobility to talent development.

Emerging markets, globalization strategies and demographic shifts are significantly increasing the number of globally mobile employees. However, global business is no longer limited to large multinational firms. Companies of all sizes are expanding globally and need leaders and employees with an international perspective, to run their broad, geographic operations.

Today companies are paying increased attention to international assignments as a strategic tool for not only developing global leaders, but also for maximizing their return on investment. Therefore, providing a support before, during and after an international assignment of their key employees is of strategic importance.

Our mission is to help organizations that are expanding globally, to optimize their global mobility programs, to accelerate the integration of their international assignees and their families, and to develop a global pipeline of future leaders, with a truly international mindset.

Our values:

  • Excellence: we are committed to work hard, to be diligent, perseverant and consistent in order to satisfy our clients.
  • Passion: we have a passion for people and for foreign cultures. Helping people reach their full potential is what drives us.
  • Trust: we have the ambition to create a trustful relationship with our clients, building long-term relations with them.