Integration Programs

Dual career support and language instruction are two of the main levers for integration.


    One major reason for assignment failure is unhappiness of the spouse. International studies have shown that working spouses are more willing to accept the assignment of their partner if the company provides some form of career support to them in the new country. We are certified in the Talent Guard MATCH Career Management System methodology, a systematic step by step framework to ensure successful career outcomes:

  • Magnify talents and capabilities: assessment of attitudes, behaviors, talents, motivations, personality traits, interests and values.
  • Align: search for education, training, employment resources, labor market and working conditions, compensation regarding various occupational choices.
  • Target: analyze competencies gaps and define career development plans. Assist with career alternatives (voluntary work, company set ups).
  • Create: define personal branding strategies, review CV/ resumes and cover letters, maximize social media presence, practice interviews and salary negotiation.
  • Harness: improve networking skills to expand client's area of influence, develop an onboarding 30-60-90 days for better job integration.

    In surveys of expatriates, language is often mentioned as the most important personnel or professional challenge in their assignments. Though, assignees who are willing to learn the local language will need less support from the office in their daily lives and have better relationships with the local community. It is an integral part of the development of a global mindset.

  • Interactive method: using a wide range of training materials and formats. Based on daily needed language skills. Oriented towards the Common European Framework of References for Languages and take into account adult learning principles.
  • Type of lessons: available languages: French and German. Customized solutions: private, duo or small groups of max 5 participants, e-learning, lessons via skype.
  • Levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, business, conversation, preparation for State exams (DELF/ DALF, exams of the Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Paris, Swiss citizenship, Goethe Institut exams.
  • Business language skills: the content is centered around the client's specific industry or functional area. Typical topics are: conducting meetings, delivering presentations, preparing for a job interview, communicating more effectively with French or German speaking clients, business partners and colleagues; Business norms and management practices.