Our Specific Services

Our Specific Services

Full cycle support for International Assignees.

You can’t globalize your company


unless you first globalize your people.



Ed. Dunn, Whirlpool Corporate VP of HR



Most international managers are still selected on their highly specialized technical or leadership skills that don’t necessarily mean they will be successful assignees. Though research has shown time and time again that an employee who performs exceptionally well within a domestic job, can still fail as an expatriate.

Through a validated assessment tool, followed by a debriefing and counselling session, we help the potential candidate to determine the competencies required for an international role, analyze his/ her strengths and gaps, and pinpoint potential challenging areas. We then come up with a development plan.

The Self Assessment for Global Endeavors (SAGE) is used by thousands of international assignees and their spouses. It’s a reliable and confidential tool, that measures issues related to cross-cultural competencies as well as personal and professional considerations such as personal, lifestyle, and family issues that might influence an assignee’s adjustment.


We provide relocation services to the assignee and family to quickly settle-in and be operational right from the start. We assist with all the administrative and practical issues raised when moving abroad, acting as a single point of contact, in compliance with local laws & regulations:

  • Predeparture: costs calculation, area tours, cost of living information, immigration, household goods shipment, temporary housing.
  • Home search:  home search & visits, lease negotiation & explanation, utilities connection, property inventory, household help coordination. 
  • Settling-in: community orientation, driver’s license exchange, car registration, banks & insurances, medical care information, local government registration, leisure and sport activities.
  • Schooling: pre-school, private and public schools, universities briefings and enrollment, after school activities, nannies.
  • Consulting: relocation policy development, implementation and review.



Assignees who learn the local language will need less support from the office in their daily lives and have better relationships with the local community.

  • Languages available: French, German.
  • Interactive method: using a wide range of training materials and formats. Oriented towards the acquisition of practical, daily life language skills. 
  • Type of lessons: individual, duo or small groups; face to face or via skype.
  • Levels: all levels; preparation for State exams: DELF/ DALF, exams of the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris, Goethe Institut.
  • Swiss Citizenship Preparation:

  • Business language skills: the content is centered around the client’s specific industry or functional area. Typical topics include: conducting meetings, delivering presentations, preparing for a job interview.




nternational studies have shown that working spouses are more willing to accept the assignment of their partner if the company provides some form of career support to them in the new country. 

We are certified in the Talent Guard MATCH Career Management System methodology, a systematic step by step framework to ensure successful career outcomes:

  • advise on labour market employment trends,
  • assess talents, motivations, personality traits, interests & values,
  • identify competencies gaps, review CV/ resume,
  • maximize social media presence,
  • prepare for interviews,
  • introduce to recruitment agencies,
  • advise on networking opportunities,
  • explore career alternatives: education options, voluntary work, company set-up. 



More and more companies are using international assignments as a development tool, to build up the skills required to be successful in a globalized world: leaders with a global mindset.

We assess, design, deliver and evaluate programs aimed to develop the international perspective and competencies of your global workforce, through formal and informal learning solutions, using a variety of delivery options and media, learning methodologies, as well as instructional methods and formats for an effective outcome.

GLOBAL LEADERSHIP COACHING: EXECUTIVE & HIGH POTENTIAL COACHING: whether it is to build a skill, change a behavior, or prepare for a new role, we work with you on a one to one basis to help you manage the range of global leadership and management challenges that arise at different stages of your international career. We are certified in the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching process, the world’s premier executive coaching company. This method systematically involves those who work with the global leader, enabling both the rapid identification of key issues and for coaching to become embedded in day to day interactions on the job.


These programs provide international managers with the necessary skills to successfully collaborate, manage and lead across borders and cultures. Through tangible and practical knowledge, participants gain an understanding on how culture impacts global business and how to leverage these cultural differences.            

Global Leadership skills, 

Cross-Cultural (virtual) Team Work

M&A Cultural Training

Cross-Cultural Management Skills

Multicultural Negotiations

Country Specific Cultural Training

International HR Management

Global Assignment Preparation Training


 A significant proportion of returning expatriates leave their jobs. Expats are usually highly valued employees- which is why they were chosen for the international assignment- and expatriate retention is therefore a key part of a company’s talent strategy. Successful companies have a repatriation strategy linked to career management and retention.Repatriation: assisit with cancellation the lease and closing out utilities and all other contracts (related to the house, schools, insurances, clubs and associations, Banking, car. Move coordination., conduct the check out inspection, negotiate return of security deposit. 


REPATRIATION COACHING: the retention of corporate professionals after an international assignment is key to the future success of a global organization. We assist the returning assignee to capitalize on the perspectives and skills gained during the international assignment and to leverage this international experience back home.