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Philip Kotler 


What Our Clients Say

Alexandra delivered coaching sessions to coachees at Criteo EMEA who are all sales directors, around general management skills, coaching skills and time management skills. She was very popular, analytical yet intuitive, and challenging yet empathic. The coachees loved her work and Criteo was very impressed with the outcomes.

H. Rose Lee- Managing Director, Talenttio

Alexandra was a tremendous help in underlining the strengths and added-values in my quite specific profile. As an immediate result of my work with her, I successfully applied to my current job. She is very human and has a fine perception of people’s needs. I can only warmly recommend her as a coach to anybody who needs to reassess their career path.

A. Rougemont- Déléguée Culture & Communication, Mairie Confignon


Alexandra is a great empathetic listener with a lot of patience. Her choice of tools and the intellectual content of the sessions is stimulating for thought as well as on the emotional level. The multiple inspirations and research that she brings to the table is always fresh, on trend and simply very relevant.

M. Gacek- P&G Senior Design Manager 

The work and effort Alexandra has put in for us has been truly outstanding. I owe her a great deal. She continues to assist in all areas of my relocation and for this I’m extremely greatfull.

S. Brooks- Middle Office Manager, Socar Trading SA

Alexandra has performed her offered services with excellence: orderly, quickly and especially on a high professional level.

P. Foerderer- Trader, Integral Petroleum SA

This is a great introduction to a country and makes you aware of people’s natural tendencies.  It also allows you to explore your individual values and practices in order to stop a potential conflict before it happens.  This was a great foundation for me to build upon my time overseas. 

 J. Gibbons- Monsanto

Nous utilisons nos nouvelles connaissances tous les jours pour notre bien et ceux de nos clients.

Dr. F. Maystre- CEO Instrumat AG

I highly recommend Alexandra. Her flexible, creative and outcome-orientated approach combined with her passion for the job, made it very enjoyable. She adapted her style and content to my needs, so that I was able to adapt successfully to my new environment.

N. Kochetkov- Director of Accounting & Taxes, Litasco SA

We worked from a great variety of sources supplied by Alexandra. It gave us a contemporary outlook on Germany’s culture, identity and history. We acquired a solid vocabulary related to our area of work in human resources, which greatly facilitate the service we provide to our German speaking customers. I would strongly recommend Alexandra to anyone who wants to improve their German language skills.

D. Calame- IBM, Global Process Services

After this workshop we have a better understanding of the key drivers that motivate our Chinese and Indian clients.

M. Haefeli- Director, Autociel

Alexandra’s teaching style is very flexible, very lively and never a boring experience.

C. Palmieri, Principal Design Manager, P&G

I highly recommend Ms. Brodin and find her pro-active approach to teaching to be enjoyable, stimulating and highly effective.

D. Oyugi, architect, Groupe H

I thank Alexandra for her impressive positive energy, pro-active way of teaching, and amount of work she accomplished.

Dr D. Palomino, Sales Engineer, Instrumat AG

Very good introduction to the challenges we will face in our personal and professional lives.

B. Kocher, President Europe & Middle East, Chiquita Brands Int.

Excellent training!

A. Vargas, Sr. Transportation Analyst, Chiquita Brands Int.